LED Drive Power: What Are The Advantages In Detail?

- Apr 07, 2016-

LED drive power: what are the advantages in detail? Ai Bite manufacturers tell you:

(1) efficient conversion, reduce fever: traditional power produces a lot of heat, and LED drive power is electricity, all converted to light, will not cause a waste of energy, and documents, clothing and no fading phenomenon;

(2) the quiet and comfortable, no noise: LED drive power does not produce noise, using sophisticated electronic equipment, on the occasion of a good choice, suitable for library, Office or occasions;

(3) soft light, eye protection: traditional power is on AC power, so per second produces 100-120 strobe, LED drive power is converted to direct current alternating current direct and does not produce flicker, protect your eyes;

(4) no UV, no mosquitoes: LED drive power does not produce UV, there will not be a conventional power, there are many mosquitoes around the side of the light source, Interior will become more clean and tidy;

(5) the voltage adjustable 80V-245V: traditional power is lit by the release high voltage rectifier, when the voltage is not lit and LED driver voltage is within a certain range lights, brightness can also be adjusted;

(6) the Green lamps, protecting the Earth: traditional power supplies contain high levels of mercury vapor, if the broken mercury vapour will volatilize to the atmosphere, but does not use mercury LED drive power and LED products do not contain lead, for environmental protection, green lighting of the LED drive power recognized as the 21st century.

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