LED Downlight, Spotlights Do Not Light Up, Burned Bad, Sparking How To Do? How To Fix?

- Dec 10, 2015-

LED ceiling light is widely used, home lighting, commercial lighting, office applications, etc. abound, application so extensive, so if bad how to deal with the cost savings to the lowest it?

In fact, LED ceiling light was also known as LED downlights, LED spotlights, no matter how called, we first come to know under its structure, and then answered their questions how to deal with each of the parts is broken.
Ceiling bad

LED Ceiling composition diagram

Composition diagram see, decomposition under the action of the various components:
1. Housing: heat.
2. Lens: condenser, LED ceiling light manipulation in LED light source emits light angled.
3. light board: light board is composed of aluminum plate and lamp beads. Thermal conductivity aluminum plate, lamp beads light.
4. radiator: heat.
5. drive: AC to DC converter, supply LED.

LED Downlight, spotlights do not light up, burned bad, sparking how to do? How to fix?
Ceiling general bad situation are the following:

1. The entire lamp is not lit; such a situation, it may be a lamp beads or drive bad, but under normal circumstances are bad drivers, you can directly replace, remember selected drive, drive is the lighting of the heart, the heart is not Well, back is no good.

2. luminous twinkling; likely to be bad drivers, can afford to be replaced on it. There may be a bad one lamp beads, judging method can put a lamp beads short together, to see whether it is normal, if one lamp beads short Well, then prove to be a bad lamp beads, can afford to replace lamp beads, if high power lamp beads can be removed to replace the line, if it is SMD lamp beads, more trouble, either for lights board or scrap the whole lamp.

3. At first light, then, is not so bright; appear ceiling twinkling, the possibility of bad driving is relatively large, bad drivers directly replaced. There may be a bad one lamp beads, on a reference treatment.

4. lamp beads burned; this situation occurs, it can be seen in the appearance of blackened wick lamp beads, cause this situation may be good enough heat lamp bead own their own burned. Unstable quality lamp beads, perhaps one of the (few) bad lamp beads lead to short circuit, added to the other lamp beads voltage is too large burned out. Also supply is unstable, the current is too large. Several treatment methods reference above lamp beads, power handling methods. If the heat is not good to check whether the LED board and heat sink thermal plastic, are properly connected.

More than likely a bad day 4:00 LED lantern tell us the reason, choosing a good ceiling how important it is, especially in summer, most likely bad. Then, put the following screening Ceiling good or bad way to tell you, for reference only.

Now on the market many types of LED ceiling light, and what kind of quality has, then how to distinguish quality LED Ceiling bad? First you have to understand the cost of LED ceiling light from several aspects, according to my summary LED ceiling cost is divided into five parts:

The cost of one: housing and radiator
Cost II: lamp beads (chips)
Cost of three: driver power supply (commonly known as the transformer)
Cost four: aluminum plate, lens, wire, accessories, packaging costs, loss of wages
Cost five: rent, utilities, taxes, interest, management fees, profit manufacturers

You can see the material cost of LED ceiling from the previous four, then I simply Analysis of how to identify their quality LED Ceiling:

1, LED ceiling light housing and heat sink

Materials LED ceiling light housing and heat sink used mainly copper, aluminum, PC, thermal conductivity of copper is better than aluminum, thermal conductivity of aluminum PC off than good, now the most aluminum heat sink material is generally best to insert aluminum car aluminum (aluminum, extruded aluminum), followed by the worst is cast aluminum, aluminum inserts cooling effect is best! Distinguish between the housing and the radiator is good or bad, we have to see the thickness of the shell and radiator, height, precision, surface treatment. Heat radiator shell thickness and size, is directly related to LED ceiling light is good, radiating LED ceiling light is very important, the same power factor of LED ceiling lamp beads and the same quality, if not good heat dissipation, light bead work at high temperatures, light will be very soon, greatly reducing lamp life.

2, LED ceiling lamp beads: LED beads chip quality depends on the quality and packaging technology.

Chip brand in three grades:
High-end to Europe, Japan, represented by manufacturers, including Cree, Osram, Nichia, Toyoda Gosei and the like;
In the end the United States, South Korea, China Taiwan as the representative of the manufacturer, including Puri, Xuming, Seoul, wafer, Thai Valley, Mitsuhiro, the new century and the like;
Low-end domestic manufacturers represented, there are three security, Di Yuan, blue, Shilan Ming core, Road America and so on.
Chip quality decisions brightness lamp beads light fades. Good luminous flux lamp beads not only high, but also a small light fades, the price difference is particularly large, the same one watt lamp beads, different chip and packaging technology, the price difference reached 3-10 times, particularly low prices The ceiling, many use chip production line and lay defective products to produce, inconsistent color temperature, brightness difference, short life.

3, LED ceiling drive power (commonly known as the transformer):

Theoretical life LED Ceiling lamp beads 5-10 million hours, but the power LED ceiling light is short board, power of life is good or bad based on the quality of life is often more than 3000-20000 hours, if the power supply is broken, then, He lit the whole lamp can not afford. Quality, design within the power usage of electronic components determines the efficiency of the power, power factor, stability, temperature rise, service life. The higher the better power efficiency, higher power consumption of the power supply itself explain the smaller, the greater the power output. Power and finished lamp factory are to go through the impact of high and low voltage of about 24 hours aging test, if the power failure will soon be finished lamp broken under the impact of high and low voltage, after aging test can greatly improve pass rate.

4, LED Ceiling aluminum plate, lens, wire:

LED ceiling light aluminum plate mainly to the lamp beads LED heat conduction to dissipate the heat sink, the thermal conductivity of aluminum plate material and the amount of other materials of aluminum alloy plate material about, if you add a high thermal conductivity of copper and silver materials, aluminum plate the thermal conductivity of the material is certainly high, resolution quality aluminum plate, mainly to see the side surface technology, the thermal conductivity of aluminum plate, high pressure resistance, intolerance, after reflow board will not yellow.

LED ceiling light lens usually silicone lens, good lens can enhance the efficiency of the LED light, LED light lens changing distribution of the optical system.

LED ceiling light wires: wire used on the LED ceiling light smallest cross-sectional area of 0.5mm / square. Some substandard products used in wire cross-sectional area of only 0.2mm / square, so wires in the abnormal state, make wire burned, after a short circuit burned insulation, dangerous.

5, rent, utilities, taxes, interest, management fees, profit manufacturers

Article costs primarily based on the actual situation of the various manufacturers may be, this is not anything in detail, but in general all have, no manufacturer would be loss-making business.

Now on the market LED ceiling light quality and price are varied, cohabitation, as to how to choose depends on your needs, in short, keep in mind that, if it is inside the average family with average family which does not put LED ceiling light as the primary lighting, every day point of time is not long, you can choose an affordable price point, if the hotel, shopping malls or other commercial premises with LED ceiling light, be sure to choose high-quality LED ceiling light, like these places, lighting up every time 13 hours, if the freeloaders choose poor quality LED ceiling light, can be used in these places is not necessarily the year, so down maintenance costs on large losses than gains.


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